All sessions are led by an expert and are tailored to fit in-person or virtual environments. Contact us at to inquire or to schedule a training.


Examples of issue-specific workshops, where participants can leave with small changes that make big impact. Our team can custom-build a workshop suited to areas you want to address.

  • Why Relationships Matter
  • Going Beyond One & Done Programming
  • Earning the Right to Be Heard with Teens
  • Engaging Youth Through the Middle School to High School Transition
  • Embracing a Strengths-Based Approach with Youth
  • Not Doing It Alone: Mapping Community Resources
  • Modeling Self-Awareness and Self-Care for Youth
  • Behavior & Boundaries
  • Vulnerability & Shared Experiences


Circles of Change Cohort Training

Multi-month, biweekly, live course that can be adapted for virtual as needed. It includes immersion into foundational SEL theory as well as practical application including: Program Design, Asset-Mapping, Engagement Strategies, Implementation, and Measuring Continuous Improvement. This cornerstone course follows practitioners through their practice, providing opportunities for organizations to collaborate and access consultation throughout the course.


Custom-Built Training

Based on the goals, needs, and interests for you or your organization, our team is ready to work with you to build a custom training program. This begins with a free consultation call, so we can learn more about what you’re looking to accomplish.


Speaking Engagements

On-Call Consulting


Like every nonprofit, our Institute seeks to be financially sustainable. We price professional development opportunities at the most economical level possible while also maintaining the highest-level of quality.

However, we know our fee structure may be a barrier. For this reason, we offer up to a 20% partnership discount to organizations interested in a longer-term relationship or may be able to recommend resources that specifically focus on supporting professional development for youth programs.


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