Programming Principles

TTI leverages the evidence-based best practices and principles embodied by Trekkers for more than 25 years. While implementation may vary based on location, we believe that all of these principles are replicable in other communities and organizations.

1. Designing Intentional Program Delivery Systems for Long Term Engagement


2. Fostering Mutual Trust Between Families and Program Staff

3. Developing a Skilled Network of Caring Adults and Peer Mentors



4. Applying a Comprehensive Approach to Youth Development Strategies

5. Create a Community Support Network

6.Prioritizing Informal Relationship-Building

7. Expanding Worldviews

8. Embracing Voice & Choice

9. Encouraging Community Engagement to Foster Personal and Societal Awareness

10. Raising Optimism and Post-Secondary Aspirations

11. Utilizing Validated Assessment Tools to Promote Social-Emotional Development in Youth